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 Nobody is perfect
Recently around me, I have see a lot of different things happen. I personally feel that its okay for us to make mistake because we are human ain't nobody is perfect. Some people just have to learn through the hard way...just like me!?? this is what I realize over a period of time. Our mindset the the most important things. because this is what actually controlling how the way we think. If you always having negative mindset then whatever things you do will always be thinking on the negative result etc, I mean like what making you life difficult. When you life is in your hand, and you are the one whole have fully control.

Yes. I admit I did quarrel with people too around a month ago. this is because of my mindset. I understand how much I care. So there is a point of time when I really care too much for one person and getting overboard.. pushing you to a limit where things will start to change because everyone need to have their own space. No one like to be control. & I feel that my mindset is not mature enough. even until now!? but I'm trying to learn day by day. taking little step by step. always remind myself to have a positive mindset is very important and don't worry for the things that is not within my control because its a waste of time instead making me overthink affect my mood. 

Nobody have any idea of what will happen next. So don't worry too much. Why not just make use of the time what we are suppose to do.    

In order for things to work/happen you need two hand to clap.   

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