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Last Thursday(30april), I have no idea what happen to my eye very red should be cause by my contact lens. At first I get so worry because is during my lesson time, I don’t have any eyedrop anything. I decided to told me facilitate about it and he allow me get at least something to prevent my eye get worst. So I kind of went MIA in the class for a period of time. I take out one side of my lens and leave the other on because with lens I unable to see, I will feel uncomfortable, like insecure. Lucky enough instead things go worst, getting better after a period of time. I wanted to thanks two  person:)

First will be my facilitate because before I actually have bad impression with him due to some small things happen in the past. I been honestly and I told him about it. In fact he’s okay, not bad after chatting and knowing more. Thanks for accompany, concern and advise to me:)

Second will be my “boss” (temporarily only, I can fire my boss if I want anytime). Who lent me his specs because the degree is about the same. At first I thought he wouldn’t lent me as like c’mon lahh. Who will lent people specs, den how to see right. Plus long weekend due to public holiday. Yeahh. In fact he agree to lent me:) how awesome! I manage to get home. *picture on the left me with my boss specs, looking good right?;)

Lastly my friends, everyone always ask me why I wear until so nice to school. Yess! Look at the quote on top I totally agree 100%. Plus this semester will be my last semester in school my one last chance to wear nice nice. Haha. I love every single day that I able to mix and match all my clothing doing experiment, which look better on me and present myself. & I believe no girls, women don’t love to look good, pretty at all times :) 

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