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First of all “Happy Mother’s Day” to my beloved mummy and of course goes to the others too. I bought that flower above picture for my mom. Nice right? Curious? Why I didn’t buy those “mother’s day” flower instead I bought this. The reason is because this was my mom favourite flower of all.. So why not get something she like instead of just getting the other just to fit in the occasion. This was also the flower that my dad always uses to get for her in the past:)

Thanks my mom for take care of me over the years. She always nag me a lot because of my all sort of bad habit. but saying the truth, I wouldn’t get used to it one day she doesn’t nag at me anymore. That show how important she means to me. Although sometimes I don’t really show. Thanks for working hard for the house just to able to
give me whatever I want, to keep me satisfy:) treatingmelikeprincess

If by getting any gift I believe is not how expensive what the gift was.. is all the sincere, the heart. No matter what, at least by showing how much we appreciate them, they will also be happy. Even is also a simple “Happy Mother’s Day, thanks!” can be sweet. There is none of parents don’t love their own kids/child. The reason why somethings they are nagging is also because they care. If not why they even bother to spend so much time. Sometimes they are just not good at expressing themselves showing how much they love their own kids/child. Always remember day by day as we grow older, they grow older too. Treat them as how you want your future kids/child to treat you the same way back. I believe everything you did will always be a cycle.

Lastly, I apologise because for the past week I kind of being mia.. ignoring people message because of bad days:/ I ignore because I don’t really have the mood. Thanks for understand..  I will be alright after awhile. It’s always the same I’ve be this way.    

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