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Spent my weekend with positive people. I’m glad that I have being recognized as “Supervisor” A level higher to building my future and helping more people to get healthier and more active! I believe everyone deserve a chance to life better, the life that you want, nothing is impossible. No excuses, work hard and result will belong to yours:)

“I love how Speaker Gavin inspired others and share his experience, knowledge. Because his life is just so typical as normal person. He decided to change to fulfill his promise to wife and his dream. All his hard work pay off just during 6 year. He's so amazing

Nothing is free, nothing is easy, I need to keep this momentum in me. Make this become part of my habit.
I'm from XL Size (actually more extra extra) recently I notice that my clothes size all have become too big for me. I need to send it for alteration, guess what lucky my mom is a tailor. I save alot of cost in this case. && when I go for shopping for clothes now I try taking M size and does fit me. Of course I'm so happy:) My gain back my health, energy and of being course good looking at the same time. Seriously nothing can express how much 
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